John W. Boger

John W. Boger graduated cum laude from Syracuse University College of Law.  John also received cum laude, a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering from Syracuse University and a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Utah.  Previous to joining Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti P.C., he was Senior Counsel at Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan, Inc.  Prior to attending law school, John worked for 8 years at DePuy, Inc. as a product development engineer and product manager specializing in orthopaedic implant design.  He also worked for DePuy–DuPont Orthopaedics, Inc. as the venture project manager, focusing on the development of advanced implantable biomaterials.  John is admitted to practice in New York and is registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

John has been involved with the Saratoga Youth Lacrosse League and The Double H Ranch.  He also serves on the board of MedTech.  During his free time, John enjoys participating in many outside activities, including running, biking, skiing, hiking and golf.

John is associated with the Albany and Rochester Offices.

Past and Present Professional Memberships: MedTech, American Intellectual Property Law Association, Eastern New York Intellectual Property Law Association, The Orthopaedic Research Society and Saratoga County Bar Association.


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Moderator- MedTech 2010-Bioscience Industry Summit- International Market Opportunities- Is This The Road You Want to Travel?, October 2010.

Presenter- OMTEC 2010, Chicago, IL- Intellectual Property Audits and the Critical Role of R & D Engineers, June 2010.

Presenter- 6th Annual Meeting on Innovation Technologies in Spine Surgery- Introduction to Intellectual Property What the Surgeon Needs to Know, October 2009.

Panelist- MedTech Bioscience Leadership Summit- Innovative versus Iterative Change: How To Best Fill The Pipeline In Challenging Times, October 2009.

Presenter- OMTEC 2009, Chicago, IL- Hints and Tips for the Product Development Professional in Maintaining Adequate Documentation When Inventing, June 2009.

Presenter- Department of Bioengineering, RPI- An Introduction to Intellectual Property, March 2009.

Presenter- BioConnex/LES Meeting- Introduction to IP Due Diligence Investigations, December 2008.

Presenter- MedTech Meeting on “Navigating the Mysterious Waters of IP”- Inventorship: How to Determine, November 2008.

Presenter- Grand Rounds for the Department of Orthopaedics, SUNY Upstate- A Primer on Intellectual Property: How to Protect your Interests and the Interests of the University, November 2008.

Presenter- 5th Annual Meeting on Innovation Technologies in Spine Surgery- Introduction to Intellectual Property What the Surgeon Needs to Know, June 2007.

Moderator-UVANY- Albany Capital Forum- The Nuts and Bolts of IP Due Diligence, May 2008.

Presenter- Department of Bioengineering, RPI- An IP Overview, March 2008.

Presenter- North American Spine Society-Pre Course titled Your Innovative Idea- Intellectual Property- What You Need to Know, October 2007.

Presenter- BioConnex/TechConnex- Commercializing an Invention, October 2007.

Panelist- Albany Law School- Patenting for Entrepreneurs, September 2007.

Boger, J.W., Kelman, D.C.: An In-vitro Test For Comparison of Commercially Available Tibial Trays, 10th ASME Winter Meeting, San Francisco, CA, December 1989.

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Schultz, R.S., Boger, J.W., Vernon Thompson Award 1984, Western Orthopedic Association, The Use of Wire In Orthopedics: A Biomechanical Assessment.


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