Susan E. Farley will be a featured panelist on the subject ‘Attorneys for StartUps: When, Why and How to Engage’

Rensselaer’™s Lally School of Management & Technology

Severino Interest Group Breakfast Series
“Attorneys for StartUps: When, Why and How to Engage”

When:  Wednesday, March 7, 2012
Where: The Century House, Latham
Time:    7:30a.m. -€“ 9:00a.m.

Susan E. Farley will be a panel speaker on the topics of:

  • When should an Entrepreneur seek legal counsel?
  • How can entrepreneurs work with legal counsel so as to control their costs yet not leave themselves open to legal issues down the road?
  • What are ways that entrepreneurs most often get into legal trouble?
  • And how do you find the right attorney for you?
  • How do attorneys choose what enterprises to get involved with?

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