Our firm is nationally recognized as experts in the area of Design Law. Members of the firm’s Design Law Group are highly experienced in evaluating products and patterns, and have had extensive experience in obtaining various forms of protections and/or registrations. If design plays an integral part in your firm’s product or value, we are the lawyers you should consult.

National publications frequently call us for comment on relevant cases and the state of Design law, in order to educate the industry and the public on the subject. In addition, our Design Team lawyers are frequently asked to speak or write on Design Law topics by members of the profession and industry specialists. Frequently hired because of our extensive knowledge and breadth of experience in this area of law, our clients are located nationwide.

Without question, we are known best for our involvement in a number of landmark design cases. However, our expertise covers areas involving patent, trademark and trade dress, and copyright rights, protection, defenses, litigations, licensing, anti-knock off agreements, confidential disclosures and registrations whether for a pattern design, or a design that is expressed in a product, or some combination of both.

Each lawyer in our Design Group is actively involved with the day-to-day practice of this group and works with all members of the firm’s Design Law Group team. We serve as volunteer counsel to the Foundation for Design integrity, a non-profit educational organization whose mission is to promote and encourage original design and development of original designs.

Call us and see just how we can help you enhance and maximize the value of your designs.

Design Areas of Practice:

  • Design Patents
  • Copyright Registrations
  • Trademark And Trade Dress Registrations
  • Design Around Services
  • Design Development Agreements
  • Licensing
  • Non-Disclosure And Confidentiality Agreement
  • Designer/ Manufacturer Agreements
  • Counseling On Design Protection And Infringement Avoidance
  • Litigation Of All Design Protection And Infringement Avoidance Problems
  • Design Searches
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Tutorials to Trade Associations and Board on Design Law Issues


Selected Presentations

NeoCon World’s Trade Fair ’05 (June 2005), Promoting Original Design: An Intellectual Property Primer

NEWH Presentation (February 19, 2004), Promoting Original Design

HD2003-Expo & Conference: Defining Hospitality Design (May 2003), Promoting Original Design: An Intellectual Property Law Primer

NeoCon World’s Trade Fair ’02-Chicago (June 2002), Protection against Knock- Offs

Smithsonian Institute: Cooper Hewitt Conference on Authenticity (April 2002), Standards of Authenticity

New York State Bar Association (October 2001), The TrafFix Debate

Lightfair 2001 (June 2001), Liability For Designers: Lighting and Law

San Francisco Design Week (January 2001), Intellectual Property Law in the Design Industry

Neocon-West at Los Angeles Convention Center LA California (2000), Intellectual Property Protection in the Design Industry

New York Design Week (October 2000), Intellectual Property Law in the Design Industry

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Albany Law School (February 2000), Intellectual Property Law in the Design Industry

Neocon 1999-Chicago (June 1999), Intellectual Property Law in the Design Industry

International Trademark Association (April, 1999), U.S. Roundtable Program-Product Configurations and Packaging

New York State Bar Association (February 1997), Trade Dress Litigation Update

New York State Bar Association-IP section (January, 1996), Protection of Product Configuration Using Copyright Laws

Foundation for Design Integrity (Fall 1996), “Don’t Knock It Off”


Firm Members Interviewed:

The Great Pretenders, Los Angeles Times (June 2004)

Showroom Guilty in Counterfeiting Case, New York Times (May 2004)

The Law and Product Protection, Hearth and Home (May 2003)

Knock Offs – Laying Down the Law, In Furniture Magazine (September 2002)

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