The Firm assists our U.S. clients in protecting their valuable intellectual property abroad and also assists our international clients in obtaining U.S. protection.  We strive to understand the unique needs of our clients so we may help them develop a global strategy for the protection of their Intellectual Property. The Firm also helps our clients manage their international intellectual property portfolios based on such strategies.

In the patent law area, firm practitioners handle Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) prosecution and interact with international law firms to direct patent procurement in individual foreign countries.  We commonly manage our U.S. clients’ patent prosecution in Europe, Japan, Canada, China, Israel and Australia, to name just a few.

The firm pursues protection of our clients’ trademarks and service marks through the Madrid system for the international registration of marks, regional trademark systems, such as the European Community Trademark system, and directly through our associates in individual countries.

The firm also procures protection in the U.S. for the Intellectual Property of our international clients, including patents, trademarks and copyrights.  Intellectual property due diligence studies are undertaken for foreign venture capital firms. We handle complex litigations in the U.S. for our international clients and have a network of foreign associates for handling litigation abroad for our U.S. clients.