HRFM Named Top 10 Firm by Juristat in Computer Information Architecture, Information Security

Juristat has ranked Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti fourth among the Top Patent Firms in patent applications relating to Computer Architecture Software and Information Security.

HRFM ranked fourth in USPTO Technology Center 2100, which includes patent applications from companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Oracle and HP.

Juristat’s rankings consider both volume and performance and are based on how well a firm performed in three key metrics over a 12-month period:

  • Allowance rate rank
  • Number of applications filed
  • Average number of office actions before allowance

HRFM was the only firm to achieve a Top 10 ranking in each of the three metrics categories. HRFM’s overall fourth-place Juristat ranking includes the following rankings by category:

  • Allowance Rate Rank: 4
  • Applications Filed Rank: 8
  • Average Office Actions to Allowance Rank: 10

The metrics are based on public applications disposed (or in the case of the second metric, applications filed) between January 1, 2017, and December 31, 2017, accounting for the 18-month publication delay.

Visit the Juristat website highlighting HRFM’s latest Top 10 ranking.

HRFM also ranks as one of the Top 10 Firms with the Best Allowance Rate by Juristat.

With an 86.82 Alice Allowance Rate over a 3-year time period, HRFM has one of the 10 highest percentages of applications with one or more Alice rejections that were eventually allowed by the USPTO — a true measurement of strategic effectiveness.

HRFM placed in the top 10 among 368 firms with at least 50 disposed applications that had experienced an Alice rejection. The USPTO average Alice allowance rate is 54.6 percent.

View the HRFM blog post on its Top 10 Alice Allowance Rating.