Intellectual Property litigation often requires a skillful blend of control, persuasion and assertiveness. Our firm has earned a national reputation as litigators who win cutting edge cases before juries, judges and administrative agencies. We take pride in counseling our clients to seek alternatives to litigation, and create positive solutions and settlements when possible. We recommend litigation only as a last resort, after all reasonable avenues of alternative resolutions are explored and exhausted.
We make sure we have a complete and thorough knowledge of our client’s technology, the law and the facts of the case. What distinguishes us, is our ability to convincingly communicate complex technologies and positions to judges and to juries in terms they can understand and appreciate. However, communication with our clients is the most important aspect of our litigations, and we strive to consult you every step of the way in an open and timely manner.
Our litigators have helped shape the intellectual property laws in this country by being a part of major decisions nationwide, in Federal District Courts, the Circuit Courts of Appeal and the U.S. Supreme Court.
Areas In Which Our Litigators Practice
Our litigation team handles all matters involving intellectual property issues before U.S. Courts, and Administrative Agencies including the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the U.S. Trade Commission. We also advise our clients on how to best protect their rights in non-litigated disputes and controversies as well as how to avoid them. In addition, we have an extensive network of international agents with whom we regularly work, and who can handle intellectual property issues throughout the world.
• State and Federal Trials
• Appeals
• Litigation: Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
• Litigation: Defense against Claims of Misappropriation/Infringement
• Trademark Registrations and Appeals
• Trademark Cancellation and Opposition Proceedings at the USPTO
• Patent Interference Proceedings at the USPTO
• Copyright Registrations and Appeals
• Licensing Matters for Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Trade Secrets
• International Trade Commission actions
• Expert Witness Services
• Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements
• Ownership Disputes
• Trade Secrets Protection Counseling and/or Misappropriation Problems
• Infringement Investigations and Evidence Gathering
• Foreign and International Intellectual Property enforcements, and disputes

We protect the most loved trademarks in the world.