A comprehensive intellectual property (IP) protection plan is multi-faceted and specific to your business. When developing biotechnological innovations, patenting is typically the keystone of a solid IP protection plan; however, depending upon your business model, other considerations may be just as important, including: licensing of acquired patents or current applications; analysis of the competitive IP landscape, or due diligence in advance of asset acquisition. Regardless of your specific needs and desires, the attorneys at HRFM provide highly skilled and experienced legal counsel and stand ready to help you achieve your objectives.

At HRFM, our Biotechnology practice group has significant experience drafting and prosecuting patent applications for both domestic and international filing, strategically developing and protecting large patent portfolios, and managing U.S. patent prosecution in conjunction with counterpart prosecutions in foreign countries. We also have extensive experience in freedom to operate analysis and opinion writing, agreement drafting, competitive analyses, and due diligence.

However, maneuvering through the complex legal thicket of your industry requires expertise not only in the law, but also your business. At HRFM, we believe long-term relationships with clients are important so that we can truly become "part of the team" and learn not only how to serve your legal needs, but also help you anticipate changes in the competitive landscape and plan accordingly. We offer and have significant experience in providing clients with legal opinions on patentability, validity and non-infringement; due diligence investigations; drafting of license or other agreements; and patent landscape analyses. We also offer other business intelligence services and, should a conflict arise where compromise cannot be reached, our group has the capacity and capability to provide litigation support.

Our clients benefit from the dual nature of our practitioners' legal and scientific backgrounds. We have experience with the following technical areas and services:

  • Agricultural biotechnology
  • Bionanotechnology
  • Cancer biology therapeutics
  • Drug delivery technologies
  • Environmental biotechnology
  • Functional genomics
  • Gene therapy
  • Genomics and proteomics
  • Imaging and other diagnostics
  • Immunology/antibodies
  • Microarrays
  • Molecular neuroscience
  • Neurobiology
  • Organ preservation
  • Protein biomarkers
  • siRNA, miRNA, aptamers
  • Stem cells
  • Vaccines

We patent designs that make your home sparkle.

We patent designs that make your home sparkle.