Universities and teaching institutions often have unique concerns related to intellectual property (IP) when compared to private industry. Our University Group works with many universities located in the United States and overseas and understands the challenges of protecting early-stage technologies in a cost-efficient manner. Additionally, we understand the regulatory, contractual, and budgetary challenges often faced by universities.

The University Group provides flexible fee arrangements, when necessary, to ensure that our academic institutional partners are able to protect their valuable IP.  We provide on-campus, educational programs to members of the teaching and administrative staff to aid technology transfer personnel in conveying the importance of adequate disclosure, timing of IP filings, and accurate ownership determinations to the campus community.

What we can do for university clients:

  • Agreement drafting and review, including License Agreements, Sponsored or Joint Research Agreements, Material Transfer Agreements and Non-disclosure Agreements
  • Disclosure review and vetting
  • Pre-patent filing strategizing
  • Patent and trademark prosecution, copyright registration and know-how/trade secret protection
  • Advice and guidance with regard to university spin-out companies
  • License negotiation assistance
  • Trademark branding strategy
  • Litigation
  • Litigation cost review and monitoring

He can stop and smell the roses because of an allergy drug we helped patent.

He can stop and smell the roses because of an allergy drug we helped patent.