We recognize that there are inherent and unique intellectual property (IP) issues associated with successfully transitioning a good idea into a profitable business. Establishing solid IP protection at an early stage is important for ensuring a company's long-term value. Our Startup Group is keenly aware of the issues facing startup companies, and we are committed to assisting startups with their unique IP needs.

The Startup Group offers cost-efficient services to startup companies at all stages of development, from idea, through startup, and beyond. We provide the advice and services necessary to protect your IP in a manner that is most conducive to attracting desired capital investments and optimizing your IP portfolio. We understand the budgetary challenges facing many startups, and can provide low-cost alternatives and/or flexible fee arrangements, when necessary. We offer on-site educational programs specifically tailored to the needs of startup and incubator clients to assist in developing, implementing, and maintaining a comprehensive IP strategy.

The Startup Group is comprised of professionals from many different technical disciplines who possess extensive experience in working with developing companies. Our members are well-versed in cross-disciplinary collaboration and have a wide range of experience and insight, ranging from working closely with startup companies in developing business plans, to protecting startup companies' IP portfolios through the preparation, licensing, and enforcement of IP rights, to preparing clients to face inevitable questions from potential investors.

Examples of IP legal services tailored to the needs of startups include:

  • On-site presentations to educate startups about the mechanisms and benefits of IP
  • Strategic IP counseling, including pre- and post-patent filing strategizing
  • Advice on developing and optimizing an IP portfolio in anticipation of meetings with potential investors, including how to prepare for an IP due diligence review by venture capital companies
  • Summary landscape analyses to assist in assessing the competitive landscape
  • Agreement drafting and review, including License Agreements, Sponsored or Joint Research Agreements, Material Transfer Agreements, and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Patent and trademark prosecution
  • Copyright registration
  • Trade secret protection
  • License negotiation assistance
  • IP enforcement
  • Domestic and international IP considerations
  • Expediting IP protection

She ran a marathon with the help of a newly designed hip implant that we patented.

She ran a marathon with the help of a newly designed hip implant that we patented.